There's a Pedal Under The Tree

My new LP 'Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head' releases this Friday, May 6th. This is the 4th song streaming from it on Bandcamp. A bit about 'There's a Pedal Under the Tree':

It occurred to me while recording this new album that "There's a Pedal Under The Tree" could be a Christmas song. 

I wrote it as a response to a handwritten note that was left for me years ago. A visiting friend who shared a love of music gear compared hanging out with me to getting a guitar pedal for Christmas.

I took it as high praise. 

I love this song for its stabbing honesty and its attempt to make sense of the awkward topics of unrequited and lost love. It explores how a few simple, clever words on paper can evoke fantasies of incredible magnitude. For us daydreamers, anyway. 

I'm happy I found a new way to bring this song to life and hopefully I'll get to share it with you on a live stage, sometime soon. 

This is now the 4th song streaming from 'Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head', my new album which you can preorder here: