Thanks Halifax and more Camp Radio

.: An evening stroll, for evening souls :.

Holy cats!

It’s been a crazy busy few weeks so I’m late to getting to the ol’ blog and crowing about what an awesome time we had in Halifax!

The good, dear folks at Saved By Vinyl, Herohill and Company House took amazing care of us and left me wondering the entire weekend what took me so long to get back to HPX.

.: Chris takes centre stage at the Company House, Halifax :.

Two great shows in two great days and as it always does, Nova Scotia left this landlocked kid craving so much more.

Guaranteed we’ll be steering the Camp Radio bus in those eastern directions very soon.

.: Both sides now: giving the acoustic guitar some Maritime spotlight :.

Speaking of, Camp Radio just played a sold out show in Ottawa at Zaphod’s with Toronto band ‘Sheezer’. For those of you not in the know (yet), Sheezer is a super fun bunch of gals doing all out Weezer covers! *A-hem*, and Uh-HUH!

The next Campista Socialista on deck is just around the corner too! We’re gearing up for a December show at the Saw Gallery here in Ottawa. It’s slated for Saturday the 10th…details on here super SOON.