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Decide To Stay And Swim Again - Song # 11 - The Dead Weight Song 

Well, it's been a fun and interesting journey!

Here's the final track for this project I started back in 2018, 'The Dead Weight Song'.

This one was a bit of a challenge for me because I couldn't imagine how I would improve on the haunting vibe of the original. (Although I only realize now as I'm typing this that I had forgotten about that acoustic intro as well!).

In the end, I managed to coax a bit more magic here, I think, to finally wrap this project and set my sights on a batch of new songs, which are all patiently awaiting my attention.

All in all I feel like I've done justice to that spark of an idea back in the winter of 2018...and somehow I stuck with it and saw it through.

The pre-order for the limited 180g vinyl is now underway, so please help out with this little "indie kick starter" I have going.

I expect I'll have the LPs in hand sometime in February.

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Decide to Stay And Swim AGAIN - Song #10 - Sleeves Cover Sores 

Alright, so this project is in the home stretch!

Here's song number 10 from the Decide To Stay and Swim Again series.

And along with the release of Sleeves Cover Sores, I'm announcing an advanced pre-order of this project on 180g vinyl, limited to 100 copies only.

You can find out how to pre-order here, using one of the options I've provided to save fees.

But you can also choose to pre-order via the Bandcamp route here.

When you order, I'll send you a download code that includes The Dead Weight Song as well as two unreleased bonus tracks.

Shipping/delivery is planned for February.

Have a listen to Sleeves below.

And thanks as always for the support.

More to come!

Yuri-G - A PJ Harvey cover 

A friend who recently beat several bouts of cancer threw a birthday party for himself and asked me to play. 

Because it was a special day for him, I asked if there was a band or artist he'd like me to cover and he responded with several options. 

One was PJ Harvey

I chose Yuri-G, which is such a great and lyrically beautiful song. Soon after, I decided to record it as well, re-imagining it with a more laid back vibe. 

I would love to know what Polly Jean thinks of this...hopefully one day she hears it. 


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And be sure to check this out...PJ Harvey playing this song live in Chicago in 1993:

Don't Change - An acoustic INXS cover 

It's a great feeling when a song from your distant past pierces you like a cliched cupid arrow.  

When it happens, I usually let the arrow stay there for as long as possible. It's a fluttery and fleeting time, when my mind runs in ecstatic loops, trying to keep up with how the rest of me is feeling.  

I heard a song recently that I hadn't heard since I was a teenager and this happened.

It was by a band I don't even really like, but those random mixed tones triggered something sharp, deep in my subconscious.

I was reminded what a great song this is. 

In an effort to keep the arrow in, I started playing the song on my guitar late that night.  

Then I decided to hit record, in the off chance this version might send someone an arrow one day. 

Stream on Spotify:

Steam on Apple music here:

The original by INXS, in all its 80s glory:

Even The Boss has covered this:


Decide To Stay and Swim - Song #9: Killing Time In The Doubt Department 

Part of an ongoing series where I revisit 2003's record, Decide To Stay And Swim

I have a soft spot for this song as it takes me to a time and place. While music often has the power to do that for us, it's not always the songs you create that can work that kind of magic. 

The lyrics start off with 'A cafeteria surprise, was a 4-track spitting lies', which is really the genesis of the song: The line recalls how excited I was to get my first 4-track cassette recorder.

One of the earliest songs I recorded on it, using an old Boss drum machine and the distortion from a Tom Schultz 'Rockman', was the Dead Kennedys 'Too Drunk Too F*ck'.

At the time, I shared it with some close friends in my high school's cafeteria. But in one of those awkward teen moments right out of Freaks and Geeks, to my embarrassment, someone started sharing the headphones around the tables to anyone who would listen. It ended up getting passed around to a few older kids who had no idea what to make of the noise and mocked me for my strange and 'horrible music'. 

The seed of 'Killing Time In The Doubt Department' was planted with that memory. Ultimately this is a song about high school and the struggles we all went through, finding a place to belong.


The cafeteria surprise 

Was a 4-track spitting lies 

Things were looking good 

And only getter better. 

I read her record buying guide 

And welled up somewhere deep inside 

A thought of her and rock n roll 

And consummation 

Now I feel like a stoned stun gun 

And I know that's impossible 

If the wait's still on 

I swear, I'll get back you. 

A sweetheart gesture coincides 

With the springtime in her eyes 

A dress-up custom built charade 

Was almost waning 

And if I get too close to you 

With lightning rods and paper glue 

I might find a simple plan for your attention. 

Now I feel like a stoned stun gun 

And I know that's impossible 

If the wait's still on 

I swear, I'll get back you. 

So linger on 

Your hopefuls half a million strong 

Collide tonight. 

So linger on 

Your hairspray and sentimental songs 

Dissolve tonight. 

They'll dissolve tonight.

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And the original 'Killing Time', from 2003:

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