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Tripping Against The Crowd - live strum 

My newest song, Tripping Against The Crowd. 

You can find the studio versions of this one over on Bandcamp now:

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Another Bandcamp Friday brings "Tripping Against The Crowd" 

 ‘Tripping Against The Crowd’ is this month's new song launching out of here, the Las Vanier Haus of Fuzz.

And just in time for another Bandcamp Friday. It's like an indie music Christmas around here each month. 

I've brought back the Saturday Night/Sunday morning versions for those of you who like to choose between pop punk garage and more chill indie vibes. I've also included a bonus acoustic demo making this a 3 version EP outing this time. 

As usual, these release on Bandcamp first, so be sure to follow me there to be first to hear the new stuff. All other streaming platforms like Spotify will follow in a month or so, and I'd love it if you followed me there as well. 

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Happy Discovering New Music and Supporting Indie Artists Bandcamp Friday! 



I fell in and out of time 

While I kept you on my mind 

With those small silly things 

To endure when beauty stings 

You don’t play Those games. 

Circumstance beyond control 

Busting rhymes with De La Soul 

Lost the map, as I feared 

Not what you’d expect to hear 

You don’t play Those games. 

If I cozy up to the cynics all around I’d still feel down. 

We fell in and out of space 

While the crowd dispersed someplace 

It was sweet to behold 

When the Grips unleashed their souls. 

The perfect place to find your way. 

If I cozy up to the static all around 

And I saturate my field of vision now 

I’d still feel down 

Still feel down.

First Bandcamp Friday for 2023: For Rescuing 

The first Bandcamp Friday of the year has arrived and I'm here for it. 

The temperature's dropping down to harsh-town and I'm settling in for this continued winter's nap. 

The allure of the season is slowly wearing off like the darkness that encourages it. 

'For Rescuing' seems to have the right vibe for days like these. 

Cozy up. 

And don't worry. 

Everything's fine. 

- C. 


Lost your way in a broken streetlight 
A lonely legend lost the last fight 
The rescuee 
Needs rescuing. 

Said goodbye but no word was spoken 
Forgot your darts so they’ll be no smoking 
The rescee 
Needs rescuing. 

Don’t worry everything’s fine 
My mind wanders all of the time 
We all need rescuing. 

Don’t worry everything’s fine 
My hearts breaking most of the time 
We all need rescuing. 

Seasons change and your love lies broken 
But you say no more as the saints have spoken 
The rescuee 
Needs rescuing.

Owl Mountain Radar: Late Summer Mountain Song 

It's funny to strum a song about late summer here in the dead of winter, but it will be here soon enough (especially for my friends in Australia). ;)

A few weeks ago we released a bit of a time capsule under the band name Owl Mountain Radar.  

Over 10 years ago I recorded an album with Jim and Jeff in a cottage on a mountain.  
The concept was simple.  
Each of us would write a few songs to bring along.  
We'd collaborate and record them.  
The catch was the songs had to be written on a tenor guitar.  
That set off a weird obsession (for all of us I think), about all things  
Like all obsessions, maybe that faded a bit, and the songs were archived for posterity.  
It took us a while, but we decided to let a few of them out.  

The first 3 are now available as part of a sweet limited bubblegum 7" you can order here and add to your collection

"Late Summer Mountain Song" is on side B and is my contribution. 


The clouds showed up

And watered down my energy

That struck a chord with me.

She paused to breathe

And ran her fingers down my jeans

Along every single seam.

Late summer skies

Twist my heart up right.

The forecast writes

A note for everything she needs

Those long apologies.

When the clouds broke up 

The sunset showed her where to be

It should've been with me.

Late summer skies

Twist my heart up right

I'll remember when you fold 

And twilight turns to gold.


You can also check out the video for 'Blood for Breakfast' here:


N.Y.E.P. and Happy 2023 

With New Year's Eve falling on a Saturday, I thought it was fitting to close out 2022 with another Saturday Night/Sunday Morning combo. 

Here are two versions of 'New Year's Eve On The Couch', fitting for both ringing in the new year and that slow descent into your couch with the realization that it is, in fact, Sunday morning, Jan 1, 2023. 

The reflective lyrics hang in the air nicely this time of year referencing regrets, playing guitar, cleaning up, optimism, rock stars, fleeting time, cheesy movies and Shane MacGowan. 

Thanks again for all your support this year and for giving me the confidence to share these songs. I don't always have it. 

Wishing you all health and happiness in 2023. 

As my old pals in the Trapt used to say, "Keep your engine clean". 

See you on the other side.


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