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Isolation sessions: Hello, Danger Bay 

Sending positive vibes to everyone out there, and a huge thanks to all the front line workers keeping our communities safe during this relentless pandemic.

This one is a request from my brother Leigh who is out there on the front lines, like I know many of you are. 

Hello, Danger Bay is a song I wrote for The Stand GT, but it also appeared on my solo LP "A Date With A Smoke Machine". 

The Stand GT version is here:

My solo recording of it is here:

Take care, keep safe, keep strong. 

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Bandcamp Friday new song(s) 

Hey everyone, 

I hope you're all doing well and hanging in there.  

I'm hoping to keep sending some positivity out into the world from here in my isolated little corner.  

And in the meantime, Bandcamp Friday means more new music, so here's my new song called "A Love Song For Some".  

I also collabed on a sweet track my friend Susan O wrote and released this week.

Be sure to check that one's a gorgeous little number:

Thanks for stopping by and having a listen. And keep safe everyone.

New single: "Soul Correcting" (plus bonus song, "The Crackle Fan") 

Next up for the Isolation Sessions is my latest single, "Soul Correcting".

It's the latest addition to my ongoing playlist over on YouTube here.

I recently released the recorded version on Bandcamp here:

If you don't already, follow me on Bandcamp as well, as I release new music there first!

You can also find "Soul Correcting" on Spotify, and other streaming services.


By request, I covered a classic (imho!) by The Stand GT.

"The Crackle Fan" has always been a favourite of mine.

This one includes a bit of commentary as I chat about what inspired me to write it.

It was originally recorded by Kurt Bloch at Egg Studios in Seattle, in 1994.

We released it on Mint Records as a 7" and that was the only appearance out in the world.

You can hear the original over on Bandcamp here:

There are rumours of a few of those Mint 7"s floating around, but I rarely see one!

As always, thanks for listening.

Keep safe and look out for each other.

Interview and performance for Parkland's Cross Canada Journals 

Late last fall I had a chat with my west coast pal Rob Malowany as part of his Cross Canada Journals. We talked about my latest record 'Decide To Stay And Swim Again', being creative during the pandemic and how fun and honoured I was to collaborate with Spark Beer for their fine Pale Ale that carried the album's name. 

I also play two songs at the end of the interview which you can watch here.

Rob was promoting a new Parkland Music Project LP 'Eminent Ghosts' as the pandemic hit, so he decided to drive across Canada and visit his musician pals to both hand out copies of his new album and interview them for this series. 

I think it was a fun way to connect during a difficult time for independent artists, so I enjoyed looking back on this. Hope you will too. 

Of course all social distancing measures were taken during this chat and off camera we wore masks, in case you were wondering. 🤘😷


Bandcamp Friday new song: Soul Correcting 

The thing I like about Bandcamp Friday is it gives me an artificial target date I can work toward, putting out new stuff for whoever is listening.  

And hopefully the 'stuff' will project some comfort out there into the world during these nutbar times we're existing in.  

But this month, I struggled.  

The songs I was working on, with BF in mind, were not coming together and I was painfully falling into the overthinking-it trap.  

Something I battle often. 


So last night I scrolled through the folders marked 'new songs' and stumbled on one that was like an old friend waving from across the street. 

'Soul Correcting' is a song I've played live for years, but never released. 

(And almost every time I've played this song, John Higney strummed a tenor guitar beside me. And it was always so good.) 

This version is one I recorded alone recently (and by recently, I mean WELL before pandemic times) and it's just the right amount of raw. 

There are no plugins on this. No EQ. I barely set levels. This is how the recording came up. Waving at me.  

Alright, I thought.  

Just put THIS up on Bandcamp.  

Don't overthink it.  

This is a new song and this is how it exists right now.  

It's how it is. At this moment. 

So thanks for listening.  

I hope these strummable poems that come to me out of nowhere bring some comfort to all of you.  

As always, keep safe my friends. We are all in this together.  



When I woke up with your danger 

Motion senseless, new found stranger 

Skip a heartbeat momentarily 

Is pretty much hard to absorb 

Promises endured unfairly 

It pains me hard to ignore this anymore. 


Contemplating skirt or apron 

To hide ink jobs you had no say in 

You ask me if I heard the revelry 

Of your friend's bar downstairs 

Or if I remember singing Dolly 

When we fell into your bed 

It hurts my head. 

It's a fortunate lie we perform.  

It's a fortunate lie we all perform.

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