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Sneak peek at a new song: Jenny 

Next up for the Isolation Sessions and ahead of another Bandcamp Friday, here's a sneak peek at a song I'll be releasing this week. 

Simply called "Jenny", this is a new song I've been dabbling with for some time now.

My friend Susan Odle collaborated with me on the recorded version. 

Follow me on Bandcamp here and you'll be notified when it's released.  ( )​

Cheers friends. Keep safe and be kind to each other.

The Stand GT, by request: Crank Down The Window 

For this chapter in the Isolation Sessions series I was, I'll call it, "encouraged" to play a classic song by The Stand GT: "Crank Down The Window".

When playing songs by The Stand on acoustic guitar I tend to struggle without Wally keeping my rhythm in check and throughout this, I could clearly hear Colin's backing vocals. And as with all great songs by this band, I always hear Doug's guitar-magic, floating above it all: The chemistry that made these songs soar in the first place.

I do find it funny that I wrote a song with the opening line, "By the way...". Shouldn't all songs start that way... because really, if you think about it? Okay, maybe I'm overthinking it. 

The sip of beer at the start of this was intentional for those wondering.

Because, The Stand. 

For those who know this song, enjoy. For those who don't, I hope you enjoy it as well. 

If you'd like to hear the original, it's here on the great Apocalypse Cow LP​.

If you look closely on Bandcamp, you can even score an original vinyl pressing of that LP, "NOS". I know, right? Grab one before its too late.

I'll never tire of saying it: Be kind to each other. And be sure to thank these front-line super heroes walking among us.

I hope music like this gives you comfort of some sort.

Hugs, friends.

Song for a Valentine's Day Hangover 

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My "isolation sessions" continue with another song I haven't played here before. It's also a pretty good one for a Valentine's Day hangover. ;)

This song was officially released awhile back as an exclusive track for a Cups N Cakes Network compilation.

You can find the original recording on your streaming platform of choice, including Bandcamp here.

Keep looking out for each other.

Check in on one another.

Support your favourite small businesses.

Thank our front line workers.

And contribute to your local food bank if you can.

We've still got a long way to go, but we will get through this.

New song, played live: Journey to Lemon 17 

The isolation writing, recording and strumming continues, and here's another new-ish track that had an incarnation show up on an Itty Little Bitty Ditty comp last year.

I've recorded a new version of this song that will arrive on Bandcamp next week. Accidentally, it ended up with a total Velvet Underground vibe (!?). If you're interested in hearing that, follow me on Bandcamp here and you'll be notified when its released:

I always release to Bandcamp first, and platforms like Spotify follow afterwards. Please follow me on your fave platform as well. 


Keep looking out for each other. As always, donate to food banks if you can and remember to support your local businesses.

Take care everyone.


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