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Another Round for a Friend 

Hey pals/friends of The Stand GT,

This summer we lost one of our best friends. Rodney was our childhood pal and a brother to us. He was also an early champion and supporter of our band.

Doug, Glen, Colin and I have decided that on November 6, during Bandcamp Day, all funds raised from The Stand GT's digital music will be donated to Beyond 21, an organization that helps adults with developmental disabilities. Rodney's family requested donations to this organization in his memory.  

Also on November 6, we're releasing our first EP, Another Round, available for the first time in the digital format. Rodney was around the band a lot during the time these songs were written and recorded, so we thought it was fitting to re-release this online, thinking of our pal.  

Thank you for considering donating to this organization, in Rod's name, by purchasing downloads of our back catalogue here.

Our pal Rockin' Rodney Craig

Another Round was cassette-only and our first release for a label, the fledgling En Guard records out of Montreal. It was the third release (ENG 003C) on that label and came out before the better known 7" EP, Sad Bunch Of People.  

It was recorded at CSDX studios, which was a basement studio in the Bryan building at Concordia University. The building was home to Journalism and Communications studies, where I spent most of my time while at Con U. I had met Pierre Perrault who was a Comms student (I was J-school) and he was learning to be an engineer and in the process, keen to record our band. Pierre got access to the studio after hours for what became our first ever recording session. I honestly don't remember it, but I know we were pretty excited with the results.  

The songs on Another Round demo a bunch of young kids learning to write songs. Only 2 of these 5 ever got re-recorded: Jamie's Mile for the Blur Your Cool cassette and Thursday, which became The Trouble With Thursday Ann on my solo record Sell Out Slow. It should also be noted that our pal Tom Foreman played bass and sang backup vocals on these tracks!  

We enjoyed hearing them all again and while the mix isn't where we wish it could be, the raw performances are exciting and careening just a little out of control; much like the band at the time. The digital versions were dubbed in real time directly from a cassette that has been sealed since 1990. There is a bit of tape hiss, but considering this music has lived in its cocoon for 30 years, it's not bad. There was a wee bit of EQ and compression tweaking to give it a bit of volume and sparkle for the digital world.  

You can actually feel the excitable energy, raring to take flight onto bigger and better things, which we most certainly did. 

Rodney on the B-side of the Toasting Gears 7". "Effects of the essential 'G' chord on a true Rock God". He sure was.


Mark Legpage's review of Another Round in the Montreal Gazette. We were pretty excited to get this review for our indie cassette. And imagine being able to dial a phone number, enter a code and listen to some of the cassette. Talk about support for indie bands.


Doug and Rod. Doug is wearing the very first Stand T-shirt.


Me and Rod around the time Another Round was coming together. You can see my Concordia shirt which helped me date this pic.



It's Marvest time in these parts 

Who's up for some Marvesting?

There's a harvest of local (to Ottawa) music being served up by the City Folk festival in the form of online concerts being released this fall.

Shows are being released every Wednesday and Saturday until the end of November.

You can watch these sets in the comfort of your own home, all for free.

Today my set was released which you can watch below. Grab a bowl of popcorn, your fave drink (maybe a Decide To Stay And Swim pale ale from Spark!), and stream away.

Set list:

Chaise Lounge

Calling All Kids Reunion 

The Disaster Drop 

Summertime Out 

Whisper Astrologics 

My Focal Point 

The Dead Weight Song 

Keep Me On Your Radar

"Decide To Stay And Swim" - the pale ale! 

Spark Beer released their new hazy pale ale this past Friday called, "Decide To Stay And Swim".

As some of you know, I played a live-stream set from their parking lot to celebrate this fantastic new beer! For those who didn't catch the live stream, here is the Instagram video of the stream (below) which is much clearer that what was on Facebook for some reason.

Also: I was joking with some pals saying that its always been my dream to be in "Canadian Beer News"! Haha. They did a little bit on Spark, the new pale ale and my album here:

So I've got that checked off my music career to-do list. Ha.



Live from the Sparking lot!

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Announcing the Decide To Stay And Swim Pale Ale from Spark Beer 

This Friday (Oct 16) my friends at Spark Beer are releasing a new Pale Ale called Decide To Stay and Swim.   

I'll be doing a little acoustic live stream from their patio, Friday around 7pm, to help launch this new Pale Ale. Tune in via Facebook, and/or my Instagram feed: ( and watch us wing it!

I'm thrilled to support Spark Beer and help them get the word out about their fantastic craft beer. 

While obviously in stage 2 lock-down here in Ottawa, Spark Beer is taking extreme care to keep their socially distanced patios open, and provide safe take-out of their excellent beer lineup.  

So if you're able to drop by, have a socially distanced patio pint and/or grab some beers to go, maybe I'll see you there...from a distance. ;) 

Let's support local businesses as much as we can.  

We gotta keep helping each other while getting through this!  

"The Disaster Drop" - Decide To Stay And Swim Again - Live from the couch  

As you know, I wasn't able to play a live show to launch 'Decide To Stay And Swim Again' (for obvious reasons), so I decided to play the entire record from the couch! 

I'll be uploading each song to YouTube over the coming days and will also post them here on my site. 

You can subscribe to my YT channel to see them all here:

This is song #2 from the LP, "The Disaster Drop". 

And I do have a few vinyl copies left for those interested: Get the details here

Also, as times continue to be tough for many, instead of a personal 'tip jar', I'd ask that if you enjoy these videos, please consider making a donation to your local food bank. Tell them I sent you. For Ottawa, that's here: 

Keep safe, my friends, and keep looking out for each other!

Looking for information on getting a vinyl copy of Decide To Stay And Swim Again - Click here

Official release date: Sept 30!

Read the details here.

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