Hello, Expanda Fuzz

The cover of the first LP, “Bleuets”. Designed by Meltingplastic.

I’ve been collaborating on a new rock ‘n’ roll, garage-fuzz, muddy-pop project that we’ve affectionately called ‘Expanda Fuzz‘.

I’m super proud of what we’ve…

New music! Bakelite In The Moonlight

Bakelite In The Moonlight

This recording started its life as an acoustic demo I wrote awhile ago. Recently it really started thumping in my brain’s jukebox. When that happens, I usually decide it’s time to let it outside to…

Covering The Pogues

My beat up copy. The front cover of the 7″ “Sugarbuzz”

In 1993, just after The Stand GT signed to Seattle’s Top Drawer records, we released a 7″ EP called Sugarbuzz.

Recorded in Montreal, the record included…