Here's another new song that I've been tinkering with forever. 

The wonderful and talented Susan O collaborated with me on this recording, adding her beautiful voice and sweet piano/organ parts.

I'm super happy with the results.


Sneak peek at a new song: Jenny

Next up for the Isolation Sessions and ahead of another Bandcamp Friday, here's a sneak peek at a song I'll be releasing this week. 

Simply called "Jenny", this is a new song I've been dabbling with for some time now.


The Stand GT, by request: Crank Down The Window

For this chapter in the Isolation Sessions series I was, I'll call it, "encouraged" to play a classic song by The Stand GT: "Crank Down The Window".

When playing songs by The Stand on acoustic guitar I tend to struggle…


A Camp Radio cover to kick off the new year

I thought I'd kick off my 2021 isolation sessions with a bit of a love song.

This is one of my favourite songs I wrote for Camp Radio, "Murder On My Skin".

The song first appeared on Camp Radio's "…


Happy New Year: It's New Year's Eve On The Couch

New Year's Eve On The Couch: a little NYE song I released last year on the brink of 2020.

Little did I know how ominous the line 'until this new year proves me wrong' would become. 

Happy New…