Supporting Beau’s 5K for Ovarian Cancer Canada

I'll be playing a live stream set on Wednesday June 17 at 8pm to help my friends at Beaus raise money for Ovarian Cancer Canada.

You can tune in live on Wednesday evening as we'll be streaming from the Beaus…


Isolation Sessions: (No, I won't) Quit While I'm Behind

Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well. 

I haven't posted much lately because I needed to (and still do) spend time listening, reflecting and learning. Listening to Black leaders. Listening to Indigenous leaders. Listening to marginalized people who've had…


Isolation sessions: Brighter Days

I love covering this song. I've played it live for many years now. I wanted to share it here because I think the lyrics are incredibly pertinent at the moment.

There's a line that says "All the birds will sing…


Isolation Sessions Series - Mini Set #1

I put together a mini-set that folks can watch when they have time and feel up for a little acoustic comfort food.

Speaking of food, rather than a posting a 'tip jar', I'm asking if you'd please consider donating to…


Isolation sessions: Undercoat

More strumming while isolating.

This is a new song I released on Bandcamp last week called Undercoat.

Watch for it on Spotify, Apple, etc on Tuesday April 21st.

Enjoy friends...keep safe and reach out to each other. Support your fave…


Isolation sessions: Keep Me On Your Radar

This seemed like a good song to play for those of you stopping by.

I feel very fortunate to be safe, healthy and hunkered down in relative comfort.

I wish the same for all of you reading this.

We're in…