New song for Bandcamp Friday: Do You Remember!

Do you remember...answering machine cassettes?

Doubling down once again for Bandcamp Friday as I'm serving up two versions of my new song 'Do You Remember?'. 

One for those mellow-listen times (Sunday morning?), and one a little more upbeat for those…

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Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head

It's my b-day in the coming days, so for this Bandcamp Friday I decided to release something a bit self indulgent. 

This is my favourite collection of songs I've written, originally from Camp Radio's debut LP.

In the deep, dark…

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New song: Holding Court at the Funeral Brunch

It's new music day, aka Bandcamp Friday.  

"Holding Court at the Funeral Brunch". 

For some reason this song started out its life called "Lemon 6". 

Useless information, perhaps. 

But there's this memory of a ritual that came back to me…

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New song: Lost Love in Semitones


Update: Thank you for your generous donations and support for yesterday's Bandcamp Friday, pals. Donations to both Shepherds of Good Hope and Cornerstone Women's Shelter here in Ottawa were made this morning. 

Keep safe, put on your favourite record…

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Strumming some hymnals

My newest song "Hymnals On A Clear Day" was a joy to write and record. 

Here's me strumming it, but you can stream/download it on Bandcamp now as well. Link below.

And bonus, there are two versions to choose from. 

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'Tis the Season 4: New Year's Eve On The Couch

A little more isolation strumming to wind down another year.

I'm sending this song out to all of you, hunkering down and riding out another wave.

I'm also thinking of my friends and family on the front lines working hard…

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