Isolation sessions: Keep Me On Your Radar

This seemed like a good song to play for those of you stopping by.

I feel very fortunate to be safe, healthy and hunkered down in relative comfort.

I wish the same for all of you reading this.

We're in…


No, really. Hunker down.

Hope you're keeping safe everyone.  

I've been in self isolation and practicing social distancing for almost 2 weeks now. Feels so weird.

I hope you're doing the same and most importantly, keeping that social distancing going. We'll get through this…

The Stand: 35 years

The Stand in the chicken coop, circa 1986.

It was March 15, 1985.

35 years ago today Glen and I got together to bang out some songs in his bedroom. I had a cheap electric guitar and an amp. Wally…

10 years of A Date With A Smoke Machine

HAPPY BIRTHDAY smoke machine! Hard to believe, but A Date With A Smoke Machine came out 10 years ago today.

To celebrate, I'm discounting both the LP and CD copies by 50% for a limited time. The digital files are…

New song + Happy New Year!


Here's an acoustic love letter to all you non-ball droppers out there on NYE!

Happy New Year everyone!

All the very best for 2020.

Remember to order your copy of the