Another Round for a Friend

Hey pals/friends of The Stand GT,

This summer we lost one of our best friends. Rodney was our childhood pal and a brother to us. He was also an early champion and supporter of our band.

Doug, Glen, Colin and…


It's Marvest time in these parts

Who's up for some Marvesting?

There's a harvest of local (to Ottawa) music being served up by the City Folk festival in the form of online concerts being released this fall.

Shows are being released every Wednesday and Saturday until…


"Decide To Stay And Swim" - the pale ale!

Spark Beer released their new hazy pale ale this past Friday called, "Decide To Stay And Swim".

As some of you know, I played a live-stream set from their parking lot to celebrate this fantastic new beer! For those who…


Isolation sessions: "Hunker Down" in a field

My new album 'Decide to Stay and Swim Again' is out this Wed. Sept 30.

In the meantime, here's a little number some of you might remember from my last album. 

I hope you're all keeping well…


My Focal Point - live, isolating with the birds

Thought I'd share some more of my isolation strumming out in the country.

And you'll hear a bird at the end that was perfectly timed too. (I didn't originally notice it because I was busy dealing with a bug biting…