2012 and then some

.: Checking out the new year in the mirror. Interesting :.

.: Estee shows me how it’s done :.

Happy New Year kids and cats and music lovers!

Next up for CAMP RADIO is an Irene’s show here in Ottawa…


Thanks Halifax and more Camp Radio

.: An evening stroll, for evening souls :.

Holy cats!

It’s been a crazy busy few weeks so I’m late to getting to the ol’ blog and crowing about what an awesome time we had in Halifax!

The good, dear…


Halifax bound and a new video!

.: Photo of Chris by Ming Wu :.

This Friday and Saturday I have two shows in Halifax as part of the awesome Halifax Pop Explosion festival.

Egad, I think it’s been 10 years since I last played HPX, so…


A Date With A Smoke Machine – CBC Bandwidth

.: Photo by Stephanie Montreuil :.

Holy cats…I almost forgot about this one…

Amanda Putz just reminded me about my CBC Bandwidth recording from last summer at the Black Sheep Inn. Pals Dave Draves, Jill Zmud and Jake Bryce joined…