Strumming some hymnals

My newest song "Hymnals On A Clear Day" was a joy to write and record. 

Here's me strumming it, but you can stream/download it on Bandcamp now as well. Link below.

And bonus, there are two versions to choose from. 


'Tis the Season 4: New Year's Eve On The Couch

A little more isolation strumming to wind down another year.

I'm sending this song out to all of you, hunkering down and riding out another wave.

I'm also thinking of my friends and family on the front lines working hard…


'Tis the Season 2: The Minor Crime at Christmastime

Strumming a seasonal number I wrote a few years back called 'The Minor Crime at Christmastime'.

You can hear, purchase and download this track on Bandcamp here:

You can also find this song on Spotify and other streaming platforms.



On Vacuuming

It doesn't matter how many times I type the word vacuum, it always looks wrong. And it makes me pause.

For those keeping score, this is the second song I've written with vacuum in the title. I may never learn.


A long awaited backyard set

The Disaster Drop from Decide To Stay And Swim Again

After years and years and YEARS of us talking about playing live together, Susan O and I finally did just that.

We had planned to share a bill to launch…