Upcoming show: Chris Page with Catriona Sturton, Jon Hynes & Patrick Shanks

When: Saturday, February 8th, 9pm sharp
Where: Irenes
Who: Chris, Jon, Catriona and Pat…. More details below
The Poster:

Poster by meltingplastic

Magical work once again by meltingplastic!

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The Details:

Spend a wintery Saturday night at Irene’s with these fine folks who each offer up a unique approach to that wacky craft known as singer-songwriter calisthenics.

Jon Hynes: http://www.jonhynesmusic.com/

Ottawa-by-way-of-Newfoundland’s Jon Hynes, veteran of many well-loved Canadian indie-rock bands has just released his debut solo EP, “Intro/Outro”. Four songs, “The Later Ones”, “Forever, Kathleen”, a cover of, ex-Constantines front man Bry Webb’s song “Undertaker”, and “One More, California” make up Hynes’ strong debut release… Read more here: http://www.jonhynesmusic.com/

Catriona Sturton: http://catrionasturton.com/

Catriona Sturton is an Ottawa, Ontario based singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist. She has had a prolific career, performing in bands such as Plumtree and collaborating with artists like Joel Plaskett, Al Tuck, the late Dutchy Mason, the Mighty Popo and members of Sloan and Blue Rodeo. She is currently working on a solo project… Find out more: http://catrionasturton.com/

Patrick Shanks: https://twitter.com/shocktheshanker

Garage punk veteran Pat Shanks is a staple on the Ottawa scene and has fronted such legendary outfits as the Glads, The Knurlings and Shanker & Romps to name just a few. Pat is currently wrapping up his next LP which he tweets is off to the mastering plant. Ever the showman, this set will ROCK.

Chris Page: Follow Chris on Facebook here

When Chris Page isn’t bouncing around in front of a Marshall stack with his power pop outfit Camp Radio, he’s probably sitting alone strumming an acoustic guitar, penning the next mellow folk-punk number for his solo act which he has maintained for over 15 years. Page’s last LP ‘A Date With A Smoke Machine’ garnered serious critical acclaim and the follow up is due in 2014. Hear more: http://chrispage.bandcamp.com/

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