Two versions of a new song for Bandcamp Friday

Hey everyone, it's Bandcamp Friday once again! (That means if you purchase something from me on Bandcamp, I pay zero fees to only though).

This time around I recorded two versions of a new song, one for Saturday evenings (cranked up electric) and the other for Sunday mornings (dead-string acoustic chill, accompanied by a Roland Funny Cat)

As the preacher apparently said to Sam Cooke: "You can only sing on Saturday night or Sunday morning. You can't do both". 

I think of this song as comfort food for coping with self doubt. If you're a lyrics person, you can do with that what you will. 

Speaking of lyrics, there are a few easter eggs in there too, for those who enjoy that type of thing: 2 album titles and 1 line borrowed from the great Loudon Wainwright III. 

Pick them out and challenge your friends, but also feel free to ask me for specifics. I enjoy talking about this stuff with others, not only with myself. 

Thanks for listening and supporting.