The Space That Is Years: More acoustic comfort food, for food bank donations

This song has been around for as long as I've been writing songs. 

I honestly can't tell you how old it is, but you'll notice there's a line about writing a letter. I think the genesis of the song was getting a letter to my mailbox in residence at University from a girlfriend. (Yeah, old friends used to write letters to each other, believe it or not). 

This song is about not getting around to writing back. 

I've done many versions for different records over the years that never made the cut, and Camp Radio even took a crack at this some years ago (that would be a fun recording to dig up). 

Last summer I started what I thought was a new LP, in a cottage in Quebec. I only got the bed tracks finished and in some cases, vocals. So the guitars and main vocals for this one were done there. The slide and backing vocals were finished here in Las Vanier last week. 

After all these years, I guess I've decided it was time The Space That Is Years got out into the world. 


Like the other demos I've been releasing, you can download or stream this one for FREE, I just ask that you please consider donating to your local food bank if you can. So many people are being laid off, losing their jobs and may be turning to our food banks for support during this crisis. 

In Ottawa, here are a couple of food banks that are in dire need of financial support at this time. 

The Ottawa Food Bank: 

The Parkdale Food Bank: 

Orleans Food Bank: 

Thanks for considering donating and helping your community. 

Cheers, stay safe... and reach out to each other.

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