"The Disaster Drop" - Decide To Stay And Swim Again - Live from the couch

As you know, I wasn't able to play a live show to launch 'Decide To Stay And Swim Again' (for obvious reasons), so I decided to play the entire record from the couch! 

I'll be uploading each song to YouTube over the coming days and will also post them here on my site. 

You can subscribe to my YT channel to see them all here: youtube.com/chrispager

This is song #2 from the LP, "The Disaster Drop". 

And I do have a few vinyl copies left for those interested: Get the details here

Also, as times continue to be tough for many, instead of a personal 'tip jar', I'd ask that if you enjoy these videos, please consider making a donation to your local food bank. Tell them I sent you. For Ottawa, that's here: https://www.ottawafoodbank.ca/ 

Keep safe, my friends, and keep looking out for each other!