Santa on that cafeteria tray - now on all streaming platforms

Though I've been releasing lots of acoustic material lately, sometimes I crave a dose of my garage-punk roots.

"I Saw Santa Sliding on a Cafeteria Tray" is a song I wrote and recorded awhile back with a bunch of friends who affectionately called themselves "The Special Joyous Drinky Festive Singers".

It's a quirky tale that has an even quirkier video, and has become a bit of a family tradition.

It was just remastered and released to all digital streaming platforms this week. 

So whether or not you agree dark rum is good food, give it a spin.

Let 'er rip Santa.

(And if you're looking for new acoustic stuff, a song for your NYE couch listening will be released next week. Follow here on Bandcamp and Spotify to be the first to hear it).

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