No, really. Hunker down.

Hope you're keeping safe everyone.  

I've been in self isolation and practicing social distancing for almost 2 weeks now. Feels so weird.

I hope you're doing the same and most importantly, keeping that social distancing going. We'll get through this, but we need to work together and keep listening to our medical leaders. Seek out reputable authorities, don't rely on social media algorithms at a time like this. Timelines are quite possibly spreading misinformation.  

In Ottawa, I recommend following Dr. Vera Etches here, or checking out Ottawa Public Health.

As for me, I may do some Facebook/Instagram live stuff soon, but I've been struggling to wrap my head around the concept when there's so much misfortune out there.

On that note, I encourage everyone to think of their local food banks as I hear they are stretched and need funds.  

Some links here in Ottawa are:

In the east end of Ottawa, you can also sign up here if you need help or if you want to volunteer. I've signed up to help out if and when the time comes:  


My album release for April 2 has been postponed for now, hopefully just until late May, but I have a feeling this crisis is going to go on for some time.

I do have new music I will start to float out there on Bandcamp for those who are interested.  

Those of you who ordered the record, thank you. I will get the remaining Ottawa hand-offs out when it's safe to do so. I'm sorry I didn't get them to you before all of this exploded.

This will get worse before it gets better, but WE CAN make a difference by staying home (if we can) and keeping a safe social distance from one another. Most importantly, it will help protect everyone out there on the front lines.

Keep safe everyone.

Stay connected.

Reach out. 

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