New single: "Soul Correcting" (plus bonus song, "The Crackle Fan")

Next up for the Isolation Sessions is my latest single, "Soul Correcting".

It's the latest addition to my ongoing playlist over on YouTube here.

I recently released the recorded version on Bandcamp here:

If you don't already, follow me on Bandcamp as well, as I release new music there first!

You can also find "Soul Correcting" on Spotify, and other streaming services.


By request, I covered a classic (imho!) by The Stand GT.

"The Crackle Fan" has always been a favourite of mine.

This one includes a bit of commentary as I chat about what inspired me to write it.

It was originally recorded by Kurt Bloch at Egg Studios in Seattle, in 1994.

We released it on Mint Records as a 7" and that was the only appearance out in the world.

You can hear the original over on Bandcamp here:

There are rumours of a few of those Mint 7"s floating around, but I rarely see one!

As always, thanks for listening.

Keep safe and look out for each other.