Keeping that smoke machine on your radar

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of A Date With A Smoke Machine, this is an acoustic reworking of a track from that album. 

I remember being incredibly sick just before I wrote this song. The 'on the ceiling' line comes from me literally being ill on the couch, staring at the ceiling. 

I also wrote the song on mandolin which is not something I normally do. I decided to give a little spotlight to that very Harmony mandolin during the solo of this version. 

It's a sad song, but a hopeful song. I'm happy to see it turn 10. 


On the ceiling 
Is where I look to figure out 
Which of these words I should shout 
And which I should keep 
Stirring in me 
To let the ill will die. 

Stop believing 
You can hold my hand awhile 
And you're the one who made me smile 
Understanding's coming crashing home. 

And if you're feeling 
I should somehow learn to cope 
And wash my mouth with laundry soap 
Like a faint star 
Keep me on your radar.


And you can hear the original here, loving crafted 10 years ago with quite a bit of Dave Draves magic:


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