Isolation Sessions Series - Mini Set #1

I put together a mini-set that folks can watch when they have time and feel up for a little acoustic comfort food.

Speaking of food, rather than a posting a 'tip jar', I'm asking if you'd please consider donating to a local food bank (if you can) to help folks in need in our communities. I worry about people losing their jobs and sources of income. We've gotta stick together while riding out this pandemic!

This first acoustic mini set has a couple of "covers" to mix it up, which I thought might be interesting to some of you listening in: 

1. Disaster Drop (From my latest LP Decide to Stay And Swim Again)

2. Psychopaths In Lukewarm Baths (Expanda Fuzz, from Bleuets - click on song title to hear the original)

3. Sugarbuzz (The Stand GT, from a 7" ep - click on song title to hear the original)

4. Chaise Lounge (From my LP Volume Vs Voice)

I'll post more of these when I have time. If there are songs you'd like to hear in my next set, comment below and let me know. 

Enjoy, friends. Take care, stay safe and reach out to each other.

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