Isolation sessions: Covering Billy Bragg's 'Strange Things Happen'

I recently read a kind and thoughtful post from Billy Bragg that got me thinking about his great song, Strange Things Happen. 

In his ever-empathetic tone to those reading and possibly going through similar hardships, Billy relayed that his partner was diagnosed with and is battling cancer. Thankfully the prognosis is positive:

I thought I'd send some long-distance positive vibes to Billy and his family by covering Strange Things Happen. Billy's music has given me comfort for over 30 years and many of you know this wouldn't be the first time I've played this song, which is a special one to me. The little riff at the beginning of the song was something Doug came up with when The Stand GT covered the song in the mid-90s for our 'Toasting Gears' EP. And I could never match the energy of the first time I attempted to play/sing this song, which is probably our best cover. You can hear that one on Bandcamp: 

"All winter long when I was locked in my room", is more poignant now than it's ever been. 

Join me in sending good vibes to Billy, his partner Juliet and their family.