Covering hippie powers

Artwork by meltingplastic

Hey there, and happy 2019! 

I have lots of new songs coming down the musical conveyor belt, so keep checking back often and be sure to follow along on social media, Bandcamp and Spotify

First up is a cover of Car Seat Headrest's brilliant song, Destroyed By Hippie Powers from their 2016 LP, Teens of Denial.

Teens is a great record and topped many year-end lists in 2016, including mine. I love the production quality overall; the guitar sounds are vintage Steve Fisk (who produced the record) and Will Toledo's vocal delivery is absolutely masterful. 

Lyrically, Toledo is a songwriter who finds power in exposing personal vulnerabilities, which I think is a difficult thing to do. And that was another quality that drew me in to this LP. 

I read a quote from him that said he really strives to make records that people will want to come back to, time and again. That's a pretty hard feat in this current, all-access-music landscape, but I think he achieved his goal with Teens of Denial.

I started playing Destroyed By Hippie Powers on acoustic guitar not long after I heard it. I realize it's risky business covering songs you really admire, but I liked where it went in the studio, so I decided it would be a good one to kick off my releases this year. 

And ironically its now 50 years since, they say, the hippie movement peaked and died in that fateful year of 1969. That point isn't lost on me here either.

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